1. What's a portfolio? What is a progress report? What do I write in a planbook?

  1. What's a portfolioWhat's a progress reportWhat do I write in a planbook?
  2. How do I "document 180 days of instruction"?
  3. What subjects do I need to teach?
  4. Does that mean I have to teach all 5 of those subjects every day of the 180 days?
  5. When does my school year have to start, and when does it have to end?
  6. Can I homeschool on weekends? Can I take some time off in the fall for a family vacation, and if so, how do I document that?
  7. How do I pick out what is the best curriculum?
  8. Where can I find a place to have my child tested with the Iowa or Stanford test?
  9. How do I know which legal option is the best one for me? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?
  10. My mom, the children's grandmother, wants to teach my children while I'm at work part of the day (or on certain days). Can I still homeschool this way?
  11. I don't have a GED or high school diploma, but my husband does. Can we still homeschool, even though I'll be the one who is doing most of the homeschooling while he's at work?
  12. Are there certain hours of the day I have to homeschool? I work night shift and sleep until noon each day. I would like to do my homeschooling in the afternoon every day. Can I do that?
  13. Can I count part of our family vacation to state parks and science museums as school? What about our church mission trip? TeenPact? Debate?
  14. I have a 4th-grader and a 5th grader. I'd like to combine them as much as possible to make homeschooling more enjoyable and do-able. Can I do that?
  15. I'm just pulling my child out of public school and I think he is below grade level. How do I find out where he is academically in each subject so that I'll know which level/grade books to buy?
  16. Why can't I just borrow the textbooks from the public school where my child was going, rather than spending money to buy homeschooling textbooks?
  17. I've heard that some people homeschool high school. How do they do that, and where can I get some information about that?
  18. Where can I get more information on how to write my child's high school transcript?
  19. I've heard about high school co-op classes. How can I get hooked up with some?
  20. How do I know which grades to issue my child? How often do I have to do a progress report?
  21. I want to homeschool my foster children along with my own biological children. Can I do that?
  22. My child has learning disabilities, but he is not doing well in public school. I've heard that there are some people who are homeschooling their LD children. How are they doing that? Are they certified teachers? What would you recommend for me if I decide to pull my child out of public school and start homeschooling him?
  23. What's the easiest way to homeschool?
  24. Do colleges let in homeschoolers?
  25. What do you do about the prom? What about high school graduation?
  26. Aren't you concerned the kids won't know how to live in the real world? What are the statistics about homeschoolers doing well - I've heard they really do well but I can't find the statistics on that anywhere.
  27. My child is an only child but I still want to homeschool. How do I find other homeschoolers so I can get him with some other kids who are doing this too?
  28. Are there any good books I can read?
  29. What is the difference between S.C.H.E.A. and S.C.A.I.H.S.?