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August 18, 2017,


Dear SCHEA Members,

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to school again, whether we’ve taken a break for the summer or have schooled throughout the year.  School supplies, lesson plans, curriculum – it’s all on sale and beckoning.  SCHEA wants to be an integral part of your life this year as you focus on your family as a home educator or your organization as an accountability association or support group leader.  We are here to help with advice, encouragement, and information.  Please join SCHEA again this year as we work to oversee legislation and provide encouragement for the homeschool journey.  It’s very easy to join online on our website:


We need volunteers to help us better serve the homeschooling community in our state.  Please consider volunteering in our organization. There are many jobs we need help with to better serve the 22,000 homeschoolers in South Carolina.



South Carolina Home Educators Association Board