Myths of Faith at School

Palmetto Family Council is hearing from constituents who are reporting instances of public entities banning prayers, praise songs, and even Christmas carols!

We know the ACLU and Freedom From Religion (FFRF) have fax machines and email servers that shoot from the hip. Their legal memos, with a unique atheistic spin, are landing all over South Carolina. These nastygrams are scaring public administrators with bogus analysis. But with Christmas coming, it’s that time of year!

Has a member of your family, your church, or a public school teacher in your community been a victim of one of the Seven Myths of Faith at School? Here they are from the list compiled by Alliance Defending Freedom:

Myth #1.

Children are not allowed to sing religious Christmas carols in public school.

Myth #2.

It is unconstitutional for school officials to refer to a school break as a “Christmas Holiday.”

Myth #3.

It is unconstitutional for public schools to close on a religious holiday, such as Christmas or Good Friday.

Myth #4.

Public schools have to recognize all religious holidays if they recognize Christmas.

Myth #5.

It is constitutional for public schools to ban teachers and students from saying “Merry Christmas.”

Myth #6.

Public schools cannot have students study the religious origins of Christmas and read the biblical accounts of the birth of Christ.

Myth #7.

Public schools cannot display religious symbols.

A fuller discussion of the Alliance Defending Freedom myths list may be found here.

If you know of instances of public officials falling for these myths, please report them to Palmetto Family by responding to this email. We will get you some help.

Palmetto Family is so proud of the work that our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom are doing, and honored to be an ally here in the Palmetto State.