Update Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 12:30 PM


Recently homeschool freedoms appeared to have been threatened for South Carolina homeschoolers.


The first line of focus was put upon Martha Freitag of PHEA Option 3 Accountability Association. (Palmetto Home Educators Association)


Angela Perry, SCHEA Board member and UCHU Accountability Association director has been working along with other AA directors of SC in this recent occurrence.


To avoid rumors or any misrepresentation of Martha Freitag of PHEA and other collaborating Option 3 Accountability Association directors and now SCHEA is getting the word out clearly regarding the most recent actions.


Be informed!


This post will hopefully help you to know clearly the concerns facing our Option 3 homeschooling community within the state of SC.


Please dispel any information from misinformed homeschooling persons.


July 15, 2016, Martah Freitag, director of PHEA received the below notice from Geri Martin at Department of Education:


"Ms. Freitag, I have reviewed your home school association Web site and I will not be able to post your home school association on the S.C. Department of Education’s Web site for the 2016-2017 school year. Your Web site promotes the Home School Resource Center offering courses to home school students that are not taught by their parents. Our Web site is to inform parents of Option 3 home school associations based on the S.C. Home School Law. Geri Martin"


Martha immediately contacted HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association


Scott Woodruff emailed a four page letter to Geri Martin at SC Dept. of Education:


HSLDA letter 7-15-16


July 27, 2016

The below letter was received by all Accountability Associations directors:





PHONE: 803-734-8500 · FAX 803-734-3389 · ED.SC.GOV


TO: Home School Associations

FROM: Roy Stehle, Director Office of Federal and State Accountability


DATE: July 27, 2016


RE: SCDE Website - Home School Association Listings


At the behest of the Office of the General Counsel, State Accountability has revisited the policy of posting home school associations on the South Carolina Department of Education’s website. A review of the statutory authority reveals no legal basis for the advertisement of these entities.


As a result, State Accountability will cease posting, advertising, or displaying any home school association, effective immediately.


Henceforth, State Accountability’s webpage will link to the SC state law (S. C. Code Ann. §59-65-40, et. seq.) and will post Frequently Asked Questions regarding home school processes and procedures.


This change to existing policy assures that State Accountability operates within legal parameters and ensures fairness for all home school associations by eliminating the explicit or implicit appearance of endorsements or promotions.


Geri Martin continues to be our office’s contact for parents, students, associations, and the community. Her contact information is, 803-734-8320. She is more than happy to answer your questions or concerns.


July 27, 2016 all Option 3 groups and Option 2 were removed from Department of Education's website.


As of July 28, 2016

Angela Jordan Perry, SCHEA board and UCHU Accountability Association member spoke with Scott Woodruff.

He will be drafting a letter indicating that all things are well now for SC homeschoolers and this is a victory.


SCHEA is currently formulating action plans around this effort. Stay posted for updates.