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Note: Always check the Commission on Higher Education Website for the latest and most up-to-date information about these scholarships! Click on Students & Parents. There will be links to the different pages of information available. Click on the scholarship that you want to read about. Then click on the Q & A link for the latest information.

On this page are the highlights of the scholarships that are available to SC students who attend SC colleges approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHE).
The General Requirements for all of these scholarships are:

  • Be a SC graduate or graduating senior and legal resident of SC.
  • Be a US citizen or legal permanent resident.
  • Be enrolled in a degree seeking program.
  • Certify that they are not a felon or have been convicted of alcohol or drug related offenses.
  • Can only receive one of the following awards.


Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

This scholarship is applied for through your association or directly from CHE if you homeschool through a school district or an association that does not rank or do transcripts.

For the freshman year the award amount is $6,700. The amount may differ in the subsequent school years.

The early award deadline is December 15th with a final award deadline of June 15th each year.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 1200 SAT (CR & M only) or 27 Composite ACT
  • 3.5 GPA on the Uniform Grading Scale
  • Top six percent of the class at the end of sophomore or junior year. Check with your association as some associations will only use the junior year for class ranking.

If the class ranking requirement can not be met, the student can still qualify for the Palmetto by scoring a 1400 on the SAT CR & M or 32 Composite on the ACT with a 4.0 Uniform Grading Scale GPA.

For questions about early graduation, dual enrollment courses or other issues please refer to the CHE website Q & A page for the Palmetto. (pdf)


Life Scholarship

There is no application for this scholarship. This scholarship is automatically given to students who qualify once they are accepted to an approved institution. Four year institutions will have a different scholarship amount than that of a two year or technical institution.

This scholarship is for SC students attending an approved SC College or University.

Eligibility Requirements (must meet two of the following):

  • 3.0 GPA on the SC Uniform Grading Scale
  • Score 1100 on the CR & M SAT or 24 Composite ACT
  • Rank in the top 30 % of the graduating class

For any questions pertaining to receiving the LIFE, please see the Q & A page(pdf).


Hope Scholarship

This scholarship does not have an application. It is automatically given to any SC student attending an approved SC Institution who has not received the Palmetto, Life Scholarship or Lottery Tuition Assistance.

The student receiving this award would receive up to $2,800 towards the cost of attendance during the first year of higher education.

Eligibillity Requirements:

  • 3.0 GPR on the SC Uniform Grading Scale upon high school graduation

This scholarship is lottery funded.

For more information about the Hope Scholarship go to: _FAQ_. (pdf)

For any other scholarship such as Lottery Tuition Assistance go to the CHE website listed above.

SCLEOF Scholarships.