Virtual Charter Schools

SCHEA’s Position on
Virtual Charter Schools

SCHEA’s position is that home education is parent-directed, privately-funded education of one’s own children.


The state of South Carolina recognizes homeschooling through three options: (1) registration through the public school district where the parent is providing all of the teaching of their own children (2) registration through South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) (3) registration through one of many 3rd option accountability associations.


The South Carolina Department of Education (SDE) states that virtual charter schools do not fall under any of the above homeschool statutes, but in fact, are under the direction of the public school district. Virtual charter schools are funded through public taxpayer monies and are directed by public school officials. For this reason, virtual charter schools are not homeschools, and those parents who choose virtual charter schools as their educational choice have chosen public school. It is public school at home, but it is still public school.


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