Four Kinds of Education


Public Schools

Public schools are publicly-funded, brick-and-mortar schools. The majority of students in the U.S. attend public school. The state funds the schools, provides the teachers, and sets the course of study.



Public-School-at-Home Programs

The government pays for these schools, but the education takes place in the home. These can be online schools, charter schools which have students work out of the home under the supervision of a teacher, etc.



Private Schools

Parents choose the school and pay for it. Education takes place in a classroom. These can be special interest schools such as Montessori or church-based schools.



Private Homeschool

Parents pay for their children’s education, choose the course of study, provide the materials, and do the teaching or pay for supplementary instruction.

Advantages of Private Homeschooling:

• Tutorial-style education helps each child achieve his or her full educational potential.
• Flexibility to go at the child’s pace to achieve mastery of concepts.
• Time to explore new interests and develop unique talents.
• Positive socialization by mature adult example while limiting children’s exposure to destructive influences.
• Building strong family relationships through learning together.
• High school students can get an early start on college education or career preparation.

Private Homeschooling is effective. Since the 1980s when the modern homeschool movement began, research studies and data collected by state Departments of Education have consistently shown that home educators score, on average, 20 percentile points above their classroom counterparts.

Private Homeschool is not the same as Public-School-at-Home. Even though both take place in the home, they have different funding and a different locus of control. Students in the Public-School-at-Home programs are legally considered public school students and their funding comes from tax dollars. Private Homeschool students are not public school students, and are not funded by tax dollars.

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