What are the Testing Options for My Homeschooled Students?

Are your contemplating testing your homeschooled student?  There are lots of good reasons to do so.  I have listed several reasons on my website (see below).  If your student is in High school you may want to check out the college board website to determine when and how your student should prepare for the PSAT, SAT, or the ACT.  

For all students grades 1-12, The IOWA test is one that is nationally normed, as is the Stanford achievement test (the Stanford is available only through May 31, 2016), so the scores will show the comparison of your student in the different subject areas to those of students in private and public schools across the nation.  These standardized tests typically take 4 1/2 hours for the basic part, (Reading and Math subtests, Language, and Spelling) and additional 1 1/2 hours for the complete (adds Science, Social Studies, etc.)

If your student has been granted extra time for a specific Special Need accommodation, you may use the IOWA and note the extra time on the form you will return with the documents. The Stanford is not timed so long as the student continues to work through it.

If you have a student who has special needs or works on grade level in most areas but maybe lags behind in a subject you might want to consider a test that does not compare him to others, rather one that shows the areas of specific strengths and weaknesses so that you can make a clear decision on the possibility of changing curricula, or having further testing done so that accommodations can be lined up to assist in the educational process.  These tests can also be used for students who have difficulty focusing for 50 minute subtests that the standardized tests require.  I will be happy to make recommendations based on your specific situations.

Susan Blackwell has homeschooled her 3 children for 18 years, one of which has Special Needs.  She has a BS in Secondary Education, has taught in a Christian school and has directed Special Needs Parents in curricula counseling, as well as providing practical helps in the areas of accomodations, etc.  Susan has been testing homeschoolers individually and in group settings for more than 20 years.

Feel free to contact Susan Blackwell by calling 803-794-6908, emailing her at sblackwelltesting@gmail.com, or visiting her website http:www.blackwellhomeschooltesting.com

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  1. Hi, an update for Stanford is that as of April 2016, the publisher *removed the expiration date* which means the Stanford-10 test remains available in booklet and online through 2017, and likely beyond. Homeschool Testing Services, a service of Classical Conversations, Inc. in West End, NC, has offered the Stanford-10 for 9 years. This year in 2016 we served just under 10,000 students in the U.S. and 224 in SC at eight events across the state, each run by local a SC resident homeschool leader. More information is available at http://www.homeschooltestingservices.com or call me for verification at 910-673-0100 x1777.

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